veliz arquitecto

"Architecture is the canvas where dreams are drawn."

I invite you to my dream world and explore artistic expression through architectural design. For me, architecture is not just the creation of buildings, but the materialization of a vision, the materialization of a dream. Architecture is an art form that has the ability to transform reality and shape our world. As an architect, I feel like a true artist, a creator of spaces that inspire and transform our everyday experience. Join me on this journey to discover how architecture can take us beyond what we think possible.

veliz arquitecto

Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana Cuban architect based in Miami, stands out in the field of architectural design, interior design and 3D visualization. His contemporary and avant-garde work has led him to be recognized worldwide as a highly talented artist, having been nominated nine times, with three finalist works and one winning work at the prestigious Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design.

In recent years, Veliz has focused his attention on residential, hotel and commercial projects, in which he has demonstrated his ability to create innovative and functional spaces that satisfy the needs and desires of his clients. In addition, he has explored prototyping with an eye to the future, experimenting with concepts destined for the metaverse, evidence of his commitment to innovation and finding solutions for the architectural and design demands of the future. In short, Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana is a talented and visionary architect who has left his mark on the contemporary architecture and design industry.



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